Eagles star Jalen Hurts files trademark application for his clothing line

In a world where Instagram influencers, social media celebrities and YouTube phenoms have found a way to carve out a good life, it’s become much easier to cash in on a great idea than before. Being one of 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL doesn’t hurt the mark too much either, and we’re learning that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, while normally reserved, has some good ideas.

QB1 isn’t just working on tighter spirals, better understanding of the game, and better fundamentals (although it’s good to see all of that too). He is working on a clothing line.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben informed everyone via Twitter on Friday morning that he had seen Hurts’ trademark application, a Jalen filed on Monday. Looked:

We have to give credit to Jalen Hurts. “Hurts So Good” sounds good.

From what we’ve seen, Hurts’ trademark application for “HURTS SO GOOD” will be used as a trademark for everything from shirts, jackets and sweatshirts to socks and sweaters, underwear and skirts, hats and belts. The clothing line should also cater to men, women and children.

Although not a phrase of Hurts’ own invention, “HURTS SO GOOD” still sounds great. Having played not one but two of college football’s traditional powerhouses, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oklahoma Sooners, we already know it shouldn’t take long for the brand to gain recognition and support in both parts of the country. . Also, don’t forget Philadelphia and his hometown of Houston, Texas.

QB1 will be looking to take the next step in 2022, but we’ve already seen he has star power. After a phenomenal opening weekend against the Atlanta Falcons in the Eagles’ season opener last year, sales of his jersey skyrocketed. Don’t be surprised if the Birds start off on the right foot and you see a spike in “HURTS SO GOOD” clothes if QB1 brings Philly back to the playoffs and, dare we say, knocks out the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Eve. the path.

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